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Hey, FP! Jacob here. Again! And this is my profile on Fictionpress, where I will be updating stories concurrently with my blog. Because, well, why not? I want to use this, and other platforms, as a way to disseminate my work and, perhaps in the future, procure monetary gain. As of now, I'm focusing on writing every day and updating consistently. So, that's where I'm at.

Feel free to message me if you have questions, comments, or just want to chat. I'm friendly, except when I'm not. Either way, I'll be around. I check this thing at least once a week to update. Sometimes more.

And I have a blog. Here: http:///

I post stories there, and other things, when I feel inclined.

Thanks for reading,



I'm also on Deviantart: http:///

I'm also on Tumblr: http:///

I'm also on Spark a Tale: http:///users/view/1202

Red Whale Monthly Update: http:///2015/04/red-whale-monthly-april-2015.html


Current Project: Indigo, Abraham

Past Projects (In Order of Completion):

The Unnamed Story, Book One Script

The Unnamed Story, Book One Novel

The Unnamed Story, Book Two Script


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