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Hello, everyone! As of now, I have not written anything on FictionPress- yet! But I have on FanFiction, so feel free to go check me out there! My pen name is still DivergentDanceFreak!

I am so so so excited about this website! I adore writing, and sometimes I just want to write- not about anything, though. You know? So finding this website (well, actually, I've heard of it for a while now, but I never actually checked it out until now) was a smash! I'm super excited to get writing here. Unfortunately, though, I have had no lightbulb moments- yet- so I cannot write. (I write when I want to write, when something "comes to me.")

Just a heads-up, I will probably not write any stories here- just one-shots; If I wanted to write a completely original story, I would do that privately and then actually get it published. You feel me, bro?

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