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Heyyyy there! Inspired by Letters From Inside by John Marsden, some random facts about me.

I smile when I get nervous. And that's why I can't lie. I always smile...

I've met some of the sexiest guys I know in books. And they are not fictional characters! Don't you dare say that!

I love stalking people's profiles.

I can't write. Not at all. But I do love to read. That's why I'm here on FictionPress. Sorta obvious, huh?? Nah, just kidding. I got a FictionPress account just to stalk some random people I've never ever met.

I say "Goddess" instead of "God". I'm a true daylighter by heart. A daylighter from Tortall.

Ash Redfern is mine. My Precioussss! So stay away from him! And he's not a fictional character! Stop saying that!

You know nothing, John Snow. You don't know yet that you are mine too... *insert evil laugh*

I love acting below my age. I'm only fifteen! I'm not an adult, no one treats me like an adult, so why should I act like one? I quote Guitar Hero: It's okay to grow up, as long as you don't grow old.

Leonardo da Vinci once said that in order to hate or love something, you must know everything about it. That's why I've read all the Twilight books.

I'm a really picky reader, I can't bear reading books that are grammatically incorrect. Maybe a spelling error somewhere, but it's so annoying. I'm also a hypocrite, because I'm really, really bad at grammar. In English, that is. And that's the main reason to why I don't write.

I think you're a stalking piece of a squirrel. Because checking out my profile-and actually reading what I've written here-is definitely stalking. I feel like we're be-kindred souls!

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