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I'm under the same username at fanfiction and deviantART.

I made this account mainly to upload my Buster's Adventures story. It's an ongoing story about my Fursona, Buster The Fox. I use it as a way to build up my character while giving my followers something interesting to read. :)

Every now and again, though, I might post a few chapters of unfinished stories I have going on. I don't plan on becoming a published writer in the future, so I don't see any harm in it. My English teacher always said he enjoyed my short stories, so I might put those up, too.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my stories! Reviews are greatly appreciated, especially spelling/grammar correction ones! But don't send me typo reports on any of Gavin's lines in Buster's Adventures, he's a three-year-old. Haha!

UPDATE: A note to anyone who, against all odds, may have been waiting to see what I was doing with Terra, I've now started adding the story back! Along with revised versions of the original two chapters, three new ones are on the way! Please give it a read if you're into romance or supernatural stories!

Also, I may soon be removing my stories related to Selos (The Yielded and Selos Freedom Fighters). If I do, it means I've started rewriting the latter. I'm currently thinking up possible plot points for the story, and what I've thought up thus far kind of discredits some of the events from the short story, though I'm trying to work within what it already established as canon. The Yielded is by no means a, er, SHORT short story, if that makes any sense, at least in terms of rewriting it in order to revise it (The original file is a little weird, too. As a writer, I've effectively obsoleted the story anyway, as I originally wrote it in my sophomore year of high school, and last time I edited it was in my senior year, which is when I posted it here. It's been... Oh man, almost three years now. Crazy. But I've grown a lot as a writer since then, and I feel I could make a much better story out of what I have for both of them now, thus my decision to re-write them rather than continue where I left off).

Aside from that, check out my FanFiction account for the latest on my Pokemon fanfic career. I've been working on a short story for that, too.

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