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"We live in a time where everyone has to be classified in a category, whether in race, gender or sexuality, but we as people fail to realize that we're only human. When the world can see pass race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. and just say that I am human, then will our world start to move forward and become one."

- Anonymous

...I'm caramel brown

...Country and loud...

...Ghetto by terms...

From the dirty dirty South...

And now officially an undergraduate graduate who's got her bachelor's degree.

Hello to all and welcome to my page. I am JaDeCe!

I am all about spreading PeAspora!

Wait... what now?!? I know what you are thinking. PeAspora is the combination of Peace and Diaspora which means the spreading of peace worldwide, something I came up with.

Anyway I hope you all read my stories for the joy of it and be happy. Stay beautiful.

About me

Hmm.. I've been writing since I was around fourth and fifth grade, before then I told stories through drawing. I'm a pretty goofy child, acting like I'm five when I'm grown. So if anybody want to surf down some stairs with me, (I have done that) then by all means, meet me at the top step. Hehe, but I guess that's all I have for now, so yeah.

Also don't be scared to email me to chat or what not! I like talking to new people.

Enjoy yourselves and have a blessed day

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