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2/7/2017: I posted my vampire story today. The story has been in my mind for several years. I had the basic elements of it in my head before I wrote my Twilight fan fiction stories. The delay was due to the fact that I had never been to New York City, and I felt that the story needed to be based there. Working around this lack of familiarity with the city made the task more difficult, but it is my story and I wanted to write it. I hope you will read and enjoy it.

2/13/2016: I apologize for the grammatical errors in Starcorp 1: Escape from Sol. For me punctuation is a tedious part of writing. Apparently when I put in punctuations where I feel they should go, I apply too few of them and sometimes the wrong ones. And when I put in commas based upon a strict rule, as I did with Starcorp 1, I put in too many. My sister recently finished reading Starcorp 1 and is now going through it with her little red pen. For my sister correct grammar is more than a well honed skill, it is an obsession. As of the date of this posting she has overhauled the first four chapters of Starcorp 1: Escape from Sol. Based upon the amelioration that she has done so far, I suspect that anyone reading my story right now will notice a difference between the first 4 chapters and the following 36. I apologize for this dichotomy. I hope to have a fully amended version of the story within the next three months.

12/31/2015: I posted my first original story on the fictionpress.com website today. The story is titled Starcorp I: Escape from Sol. The blurb for the story reads as follows: In the 22nd century, the ultimate division of humankind is between Earthers and the Spacers. Hatred and fear is the cause of the breach between them, and fight or flight are the options that their leaders are considering to mend it. For the Becks both of these choices threaten to tear the family apart.

For an easier read of this story, visually, go to the website The address to my story is:


This is the first original story that I have posted online. I was going to post my vampire story first, but I did not have the ending fixed in my head, and the location for the story was a place that I am completely unfamiliar with. Because of these complications I switched to this space adventure story. Star/Corp has the luxury of occurring in a location that puts no strain on a writer's limited knowledge of the area. Over the course of writing Star/Corp I worked out the ending to my vampire story. I plan to tackle it next, the locale notwithstanding.

The stories below are all posted on the website .

12/04/2013: I wrote the Addendum to "Siege of the Crescent Moon" within a month of posting the story here. I was advised by a friend not to add it to the story. I chose to add it today because I suspected it would return the story to the front of the list.

09/23/2012: The TV series, "Roswell," was very entertaining to me, conceptually. I had my problems with the development of this series, but the basic situation always amused me. When I see concepts, like "Roswell," that I like despite the series then I start writing, within my imagination, my own story for it. This is my re-imagined version of "Roswell."

02/14/2011: Writing fan fiction is a relatively new practice for me. I have spent most of my adult life writing and trying to sell screenplays, with no success. A few years back, I had a screenplay of mine optioned to a production company for two years with a provision for a third, at a price. After two years the option was extended for the third year, for an impressive fee (by my standards). At the end of the third year I decided to turn my attention to writing a novel. I never considered myself a novelist in the past. I tend to see novels as works of art. Often a well written novel can lure me forward by the quality of the prose alone. I always thought of myself as a storyteller. The verbiage was simply a necessity of the act. The quality of the story was my only concern. In the past, I never dared to think that I could produce the quality and quantity of writing necessary to fill a book. Scripts require little, if any, artistic investment in the wording. One simply needed the ability to competently communicate what he or she was thinking. My last failure to sell one of my screenplays convinced me that I had to try my hand at writing a novel. It had become obvious to me that what production companies and agents were looking for most in a story was a built in fan following.

I wrote and attempted to have published a manuscript three years back. This was my first effort at writing a novel. I was not completely satisfied with the final product, but I had hopes that I was being super critical of myself. I sent out about thirty query letters and received about thirty, thanks but no thanks, replies. These I recieved without anyone actually reading my story. I then decided to rewrite my manuscript and try to publish it again, but before doing so I became side tracked by "Twilight." After reading all four novels, I imagined a story to follow behind "Breaking Dawn." The fact that I could not sell this story made me all the more eager to write it. With no monetary gain to concern myself with, I knew I could dump this story online without a financial penalty and get instant feedback from someone other than my sister. The word, fanfiction, was not even known to me at that time. I discovered this site, fanfiction.net, while looking for a place to showcase my story. I quickly put this manuscript together with minimal regard for the writing; after all, it wasn't something I was trying to get published. My predominant interest was in reading what others thought of my story. Since posting here I have become somewhat addicted to the positive reviews that I have received for "Crescent Moon" and "Ascent of the Crescent Moon." I plan to write a third Twilight story, "Siege of the Crescent Moon" followed by a story for the TV series "Roswell." At the end of this time I plan to rewrite my original story and to try once again to have it published.

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