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I have been a closet writer for several years but rarely ever let anyone read my stories. I have been looking for a good site and someone turned me towards FictionPress so I am going to try and step out of my shell; the idea of letting others read my stories when I am not face-to-face with them seems a lot easier to handle critique. The few times during my ten years of writing when I have actually let a select few read my stories say that I am good, but I would like a broader test group's opinion before I try to publish anything. This seems as good of a way as any to start!

So, a little about myself:

Hobbies: (attempte to do on a regular basis)

reader and writer

Ballroom dancing (Argentine/American Tango, Cha-Cha, Salsa, Rumba, Waltz, West/East Coast Swing, Night Club 2-step...anything I can learn, but no matter how I try hip-hop escapes me and heaven help me if I ever attempt the splits)

Music (both in playing the guitar or flute personally, or the radio...silence not my best friend)

learning foreign languages, ASL

Interests: (not on a regular basis, but still things I enjoy)

manga/anime fan

Asian music, movies, and series (refuse to call them dramas)


rock climbing


riding horses

...that should be a good first look at who I am. I look forwards to reading and writing on FictionPress!

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