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HEY, i'm Jeni or Jen or whichever you prefer. I prefer to read but I enjoy writing too. For now i'm just reading though. At least until i figure out how to download my stories. hate to admit i'm not really computer friendly. I'm a little anti-social but once i open up i'm a little better. i like to be like a mother to everyone unless you piss me off then it gets ugly but worry not it takes alot to anger me. I tend to ramble and misspell words and say random weird things and zone out alot. At least my family thinks so but i think their exaggerating. I believe there is a thing before "BEAST MODE" everyone is always quick to say that before that there is "BMW MODE". For those of you that haven't heard of it it stands for "BITCH ON WHEELS". Well i think that's all if you have any questions you can IM me or if you know how the hell i can post my stories up please help with that too. Never mind i found out how lolz sorry for the inconvenience i probably look retarded. Anyway catch you on the flip side.

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