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Hey y'all!

Look at me assuming anyone ever followed me for my middle school poetry. Ha.

To anyone who might've been, I've removed them all because I've realized I don't really want my original work Out There like this. I don't know if I'll ever want to use these poems for anything ever again, maybe rework them and send them in somewhere, or if I'll just leave them to chill in my Poetry folder as my early attempts. If I ever decide to use them, I definitely don't want to run the risk of them being found here and me being summarily dismissed or accused of plagiarism.

Maybe I'll start lurking around here a bit more often and leave some reviews. Maybe I'll just disappear from this particular site forever. Either way, my sincere thanks to the few who gave me a bit of encouragement when I was first starting out, particularly SH Ships Sherlock. It really did help me get where I am today.

I hope you have a great one, wherever you are!

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