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Name: Lucy

Gender: Female

Species: Undecided

Despite it being common knowledge that I genuinely do not believe true and everlasting love exists, I am pretty open about my fancy for nauseatingly sweet and artfully written love stories. Apart from this, I adore literature of the genres Comedy, Horror, Action, Mystery...Come to think about it, I haven't really that much of a preference. Once, when I ran out of things to read as I sat upon my porcelain throne, I descended to reading the back of my shampoo's label. I jest you not.

If I tell you I love your story, know that I will probably also be advertising it (properly credited and fawned over, of course) on my Tumblr account. When I find art, I believe in sharing it, for the relationship between a reader and writer is supposed to be a mutual benefits one in my opinion. You provide the beauty, and I will do my best to lavish it with publicity that your story gets the recognition from more people that it deserves.

You may or may not know me from my Fanfiction.net account, as I go by the very same name (and same password, mind you! Hush hush). I started this account primarily because of my love for poetry, and I simply could not bear to go without leaving a review, and I have this aversion to reviewing anonymously. Likely, you won't be viewing any original works from me any time soon. I'm here to rediscover my roots as a reader first and foremost.

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