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Hi there. I'm Azelae! (If you thought you were going to get my real name out of me, you were sadly wrong.) I'm half Filipino and half American. I'm mostly here for roleplaying and meeting new people. I also read stories now and then and give my helpful criticism! I'm 15 years of age and if you must know, I live in the United States. I'll be updating this as soon as I have more interesting things to share with you... but here are some basic facts about me.

I share a really interesting passion for eating various fruits. I can't go a day without eating an apple or orange.

I am the only child in my family and I have brown hair and brown eyes.

I love reading and my favorite author is Cinda Williams Chima, I'm in love with her books!

I also love writing stories, although it takes me a while to actually write out one single chapter. I'd rather read than go write, though.

My favorite hobby is probably drawing. I like it much more than writing. I guess it's sort of on par with reading, as well.

I think that's pretty much it!

Hopefully, most of ya'll will get used to my delusional ways soon enough. I sort of think I'm the best in everything and anything... which, partly, is true. I also love anime, but not in the way you think I do. I like drawing anime, but I hate the shows with a burning passion! Sorry for any anime lovers out there. My spirit animal is Rebel Wilson. And... I think that's enough rambling for now. Adios!

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