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Hey !

At the moment, I'm hanging out at Fiction Press and FanFiction dot Net

because there's nothing much to do. yeah.

I'm actually enjoying every moment of my stay here

Many stories to read. Too little time.

And I know you empathize with me coz

You feel the same. :) Just saying.

What should I write here? Hmmm.

Don't mind me blabbering.

It's a natural thing in the world.

Okay. How's everybody ??

Me? Good Little ol' Me?

I'm perfectly fine at the moment. Thank you.

So let me introduce myself.

Sometimes I Go by

Julianna Sheathes, Sarakshi Ishin, Daniella Grigori

Now, I'm Chu Ga Eun.

Tomorrow I wonder what my name will be.

My age is between 10 to 100 years old.

Not that you would want to know. HA

I'm stuck in place called Luna.

But now it's commonly called Moon.

I plan to change residence soon though.

Physical appearance?

Red-haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned

Average height, skinny, sexy(?)

Ha! Got yah. I'm not any of those.

Maybe except skinny.

I don't want your pity.

Wow. now I'm poetic. not really.

Enough talk.

Time to hunt for something read.

I know, I'm a genius for

writing crap about myself

that probably no one will read

I know. I'm talking trash.

But who cares?

I will be the last person to read this anyway

I'm a person right? even though I live on Moon?

Oh! One last thing

I might write more crap, I mean a story soon.

If I'm inspired enough

or dedicated enough

or bored enough

or sane enough

I don't know

I'm still figuring how

my brain works at the moment

Coz if you noticed

It's not on its best condtion

and its not functioning properly

at the moment.


Okay show's over.





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