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Greetings fellow writers, My name is MaskedHero100.

I've been a writer ever since the sixth grade (and my spelling and grammar has gotten better since then, thank god!) and I have been doing that as a hobby ever since.

I am a huge fan of the super hero genre, so I decided to start my own "superhero" fiction set in the fictional world of where Strange supernatural Events occurred and Super-humans called "Metahumans" now exist. how would the world react to their presence? How would these people react to their powers, and what if they found out...they are not alone? That they don't have to fight alone...that "as one they are strong, together...they would be a legion?

That is the basis for My super hero series "Heroes Legion".

A sort of X-men/Avengers/Justice League inspired team.

Some of the story cover artwork on my stories is my own art, others are pictures or commissions of my characters done by friends on Deviantart who deserve and are given full credit for their artistic drawing talent.

I courteously request that you all Please feel free to Review my work, or PM me about anything regarding my work at your leisure... any feedback can be helpful for amateur writers, and can help improve writing skills.

Just please be constructive and polite if you do review, no flames!

I will gladly give reviews and constructive feedback in return for receiving the same.

Thank you...and Keep on Writting!

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