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Katje Kaase is a pseudonym for the author of the E-Book, Pebbles in a Sieve and the children's paperback and E-book, Dolly and the Moon. Also two paperbacks: Silent Eyes and Ice Cream of the Mind.

The collection of poems reflects the life from a young girl's perspective to the insight of a woman as she ages.

My poetry is a journey into a secret realm, one of many passageways into a lyrical land.

Unsere Zeit in diesem Leben ist entweder zu lang oder zu kurz, aber schmückt sie mit Poesie funktioniert für mich.

Translation: Our time in this life is either too long or too short, but adorning it with poetry works for me.

My children's book is a true story of the rescue and capture of a llama roaming near my home.

i would like to promote Devon Pitor's books : The Strange Fiction of Devon Pitlor - Volumes I, II and III. Google our books.

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