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Hii, all. ( )οΎ‰

Am Addie, but this page is for my main character, Sean Dawrey (hence the username .

Okay, bye!

Hi, guys.

My name's Sean, and I'm 21.

This is my page for me and my friends. I hope to share everything I can with you all! ()

Here is a little information about me and my pals!

Sean Dawrey

21 (Birthday March 13). maledark auburn hair that is parted to the side, the left side is kept back behind his ear and the right side (with more hair) is over to the right side, covering his right hair. tanned skin with freckles all over his face and upper body. thick lips and a round nose. dark greenish-blue eyes and thick eyelashes. lean, curvy body frameSean is usually quite shy and awkward. He suffers from PTSD from a traumatic child experience. When he's with someone he's close to, he can be quite the extrovert.

Aaron Reyes

25 (Birthday August 3). male. very dark brown hair, short, usually spiked and pulled up front, or it would be gelled and pulled to the side for a more... professional look. light skinned with faint, tired circles under his eyes. slightly thick lips
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