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Hello, my name is Mohammed, I'm 17 and about to be a high school senior. i go to an early college program so I'm going to have my associates degree (worth 2 years of college) by the time i get my high school diploma. my dream is to become an electrical engineer because it's one of the most high paying jobs and i get to travel a lot which is my lifelong dream! i want to meet many amazing people like I'm sure you are. (yes person stalking my profile) i want to see many different places good and bad that will broaden my views on the world. my hobbies are writing love poetry, songs, and books which i publish online chapter by chapter on various sites like this one. i play the guitar and violin, i play video games, I've been practicing modern martial arts for 3 years, and i like being there for others, giving them advice, and cheering them up. i listen to mostly rock and pop music. Don't be afraid to PM me for anything from wanting me to edit or fix your writing to giving reviews to your story or even just to talk. :)

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