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Thanks for stopping by. I'm ResonantCrimson, but you can call me Resonant or Res if you prefer. Obsessed with the written word since I was young, writing has, quite literally, saved my life. I don't know where I'd be in this crazy thing called life without the ability to weave words to my liking.

Storytelling since 1998 and professional author since 2013, I strive to create better and better stories as I bend words to my will. As someone who's done over 100 commissions for a wide variety of clients, some would say I've succeeded in my writing journey, but I would disagree. Each word written is one step closer to becoming stronger in the art of storytelling, and there's no such thing as perfection in life, especially in writing. Every author can learn from each other and progress in their own journeys. Those are my thoughts, at least.

A little about me, hm? Well, you're on this profile to learn about the one writing the tales, after all.

Residing on the east coast, my earliest works I can remember were Canon/OC pieces for various anime & video games. I started taking Original Work seriously when I was in my early twenties, but my earliest one I remember writing was when I was the ripe age of nine. It's since gotten lost since I've moved around quite a bit in my almost 30 years, which I find both good and bad. Good due to the fact my first horrendous attempt at an original story is gone, but bad because I would have liked to revisit and rewrite it. Alas.

My sign is Capricorn & my pronouns are they/them. When I'm not writing, I'm chatting with friends, daydreaming about my characters, working on their profiles, commissioning artwork, playing the odd video game, and lurking on various discord servers. Even when I'm not writing, I'm thinking about it. I think that's true for any writer, no?

If you wish to find me on other sites, I use the same moniker on various platforms. Highlights are DeviantART, Twitter, and Archive of Our Own (AO3). I also have my own site which you can find at resonantcrimson . ca (without the space).

As my profile concludes, I'll leave you with a piece of advice:

Keep writing, fellow writers. Let every critique become tinder to your flame, and let no flame get in the way of becoming the writer you want to be.

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