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Hello there, Zannacross is my name here and writing stories is my game.

I am a man who is fond of writing, so fond that I am trying to write a novel myself. I suppose my favorite stories are ones related to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Mystery, though I do like other kinds of books.

My favorite books include the Harry Potter Series, the Lord of the Rings trilogy along with the other books in that realm like the Hobbit, the Dark Materials Trilogy from Philip Pullman, The Lotus Wars trilogy from Jay Kristoff, The Song of Ice and Fire/ Game of Thrones series, Ender's Game, the Dune series, the majority of the Star Wars universe books like the New Jedi Order and more.

As a fan of anime and Manga some series that I like are Dragon Ball Z, various Gundam shows like 00 Gundam, Z Gundam Gundam X Gundam Unicorn, and so on, Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter X Hunter, Blue Exorcist, Rave Master,JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, Full Metal Alchemist, Blood, Big O, Neon Genesis Evangelion , Fate Zero, Armored Trooper VOTOMS, Rurouni Kenshin , Tri Gun, Ghost in the Shell, Pysco Pass, and Cowboy Bebop, Kill La Kill and Death Note are some of them.

I like Comic Books but since there are so many comics ill just say my favorite super hero's are Iron Man, the Hulk, the Sliver Surfer, most of the X men, Spiderman, Batman, Superman before that godawful 52 reboot, and the Green Lanterns. I do also like a few graphic novels like V from Vendetta and Watchmen.

I also like Video Games, TV shows and Movies but to say all the ones I like would fill up this page so ill just say I like various things from each of them lol.

About the Author/Me: Well, to make it short, I like stories, so much that I want to write my own story and hopefully have it be a successful story. I also wrote Fanfiction, a rather epic trilogy called Tales of the Cosmic Wars. I don't want to get to in to it but if you like stories about video game crossovers you can check it out here.


About my story: Well, if I summed it all up here there would be no need to read the story right? So, ill just give one of those blurbs. Hence, the blurb.

Blurb: The World of Marvados is a world where magic and advanced technology are common to the people, and it is also a world that has a long history of bloody conflicts. The three great nations of Marvados, the Aurino Republic, the Rakthia Empire and the Jiodisa Union have been struggling for dominance over each other for centuries, till the impact of a meteor and the powerful energy it had caused the nations to form an uneasy truce. There has been decades of peace but while the masses are at ease its only because they are unaware of the vile plans preparing to boil to the surface and ensnare the world in chaos and despair once again.

By chance Richard Zilos, the third prince to the beloved ruler of the Aurino Republic is the one who discovers what evil gears are at work. Richard is someone who dreamed of being a hero to be expected by the public and his peers, and sought to realize this dream by becoming a member of the renowned protectors of the Aurino Republic, the elite group of magical warriors that go by the name of the Magna Centurions.

However, just as Richard is on the verge of being able to try and get in to the group that he spent his life revering his dream quickly becomes a nightmare as the realities of the world clash quite hard with his expectations. After his world is turned upside down Richard struggles to rebound, but through this desperation Richard’s destiny unfolds.

By chance finding an ally, the shape shifting Techno Organic Dragon Greymont Richard slowly figures out how to unravel the plans of the people who nearly killed him. With grim determination to avenge the injustice he suffered Richard finds whatever allies he can to figure out a way to help him realize his goals. With the fun loving city Los Midas as his unwilling base of operations Richard figure out how to uproot those who wronged him without descending in to becoming the ones he hates.

In a world where those who are governed by greed, hate and madness weave webs of darkness to have their way Richard must find a way to do what he must to draw his targets out, and still manage to act justly. In this dangerous juggling act between doing what has to be done to get results and hanging on to one’s morals the Requiem of darkness will be played to the sinners, as the Crimson Ravens make their rise noticed.

More or less its a adventure story in a world that's both fantasy and futuristic at the same time, kind of like Star Wars, though its all on one planet. If you like Star Wars , the Final Fantasy video game series, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, anime like Code Geass, Batman, and more there just might be a chance that you might like it. If you don't like those things, well, maybe ill get lucky and you will like my story anyway.

If you like the story enough to review it and want me to review your own story ill be happy to review your own story.

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