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About me?

Age: 23

Ambitions: Become Author, and/or Music Artist.

Relationship: Girlfriend & a Gorgeous 16 month Old Boy!

Favourite Movie/ Book Genres: Horror, Suspense, occasional Comedy & Romance

Favourite Music Genres: Heavy Metal (all sorts of Metal sub-genres), K-Pop & J-Pop.

Interests: Writing, listening to music, gaming, and reading lots & lots of Manga!!

In-Depth Knowledge:

I'm a full-time hard-working Manager in my line of work, I divide my time between work & writing/streaming to spend with my loving family. I enjoy going to concerts, reading & gaming. I desire to have a kind community of people all alike who share common interests and benefit from social interactions. I'm quite the social media addict, I love interacting with people from all parts of the world & strive to learn from everyone who has something to offer.

Not to say I'm a "Yolo" person, but an old friend of mine constantly reminded me whenever I was upset (used to be pretty frequently), to remember that this life is mine and I may only get one shot at it, so I should try my hardest to live it. So that's what I plan on doing!

Completed Stories (in order)

Death In Disguise: Contained 28 Chapters. (Scrapped)

Kisa & Soichi: Contained 10 Chapters.

Blood Run: Contained 18 Chapters.

An Apocalypse To Remember (1st Draft): Contained 50 Chapters, One Special.

Escort Prisoner 492880: Contains 16 Chapters.

An Apocalypse To Remember (3rd Draft): Contains 39 Chapters.

Blood Run (2nd Draft): Contains 16 Chapters.

Osoru Academy: Contains 49 Chapters.

Terramorph: Contains 46 Chapters.

On-Going Stories

End of Term Six 'friends' all challenge each other to stay the night inside their school over the first night of Summer, knowing full well about the Myth their school holds on that specific night. While sneaking into and staying the night seems easy at first, once the night starts everything changes, and the true horrors begin to reveal themselves one-by-one. Can they survive the night?

Kisa & Soichi (Yes, again.) This was once the cringy sexually-focused short boy love novel that I wrote nearly 8 years ago now, and again 5 years ago, and back when it was up it was written and structured appallingly, but it was popular! Well it's back, with more of a story line to it (rather than plain smut), many more chapters, better character development, perfected literature and of course more drama & romance. Contains swearing and sexual content.

Stories in Planning Stage

A Mad Man's Canvas Amelia wakes up with a sack over head, bound, naked and her head in a puddle of blood belonging to the many dead victims surrounding her in a small closed off space that only few living people have ever entered and been able to describe. After freeing herself, she exits and wanders the dimly lit corridors filled with a still stream of blood through the centre later to witness the most grotesque pieces of art anyone could ever witness. Masterpieces throughout the ages remade in a mad man's own image with the use of dead bodies, creating the most well known pieces such as Mona Lisa and The Scream. Scared and fragile Amelia must suffer through torture from what she sees and what she experiences just to try and find her way out of this mad man's canvas of insanity, but she's not the only roaming human left down there in hell, the 'artist' likes to create living masterpieces too...

An Apocalypse To Remember: Evolution After spending months surviving on his own, Lucas is finally reunited with some familiar faces that manage to physically mend him, but not internally. As always they can't maintain a sanctuary in a world gone to Hell so they're forced back out on the road where all they can search for is help when they may have just found it, but with the infected evolving into stronger opponents, the fight for humanity just got a whole lot harder, and some just don't have the health to keep going on any longer... Lucas fears that the end is near and with each passing day he is sadly proven right...

Earth's Last War is based in modern time when our protagonist wakes up in the hospital after having an accident and has no idea what had happened up until after wandering the streets, he is taken off the streets by a girl who claims that the world had been attacked by extraterrestrial creatures. Due to the invaders advanced weaponry and armour, simple human weapons have hardly any effect so the only thing the humans can do is adapt with their surroundings and work together to survive, but how long can they live on this way?

Eradication Volume 1 is a pre-planned book series about an unexpected alien invasion which starts out secret inside of an out-of-the-ordinary facility, belonging to a gang that was unaware of their existence, but one day decide to ascend from the facility which reaches nearly fifty-floors beneath the Earth's surface where they were tested on, until escaping on a blood thirsty rampage for revenge on the entire planet. The fate of mankind is firstly rested in the hands of three newly recruited members from the day of the invasion but what happens when they're massively outnumbered and all have something from their past holding them back from the completion of the task? There has to be a plan b...

Exposure After the slaughter of his family, Akio Matsuda rose from the slums with a gang of martial artists to take down the man responsible. Years in progress, after a device containing valuable information is stolen, their foes become more persistent and bring the fight to not only Matsuda, but his associates too.

Free to Bleed is the subtle sequel to Blood Run where we follow a new student who recently transferred school but he isn't fitting in very well. It's Winter time in Wales and the snow has decided to come down this year, especially higher up in the Welsh mountains where our story takes place. While Sol tries his hardest to fit in after all efforts, another student is transferred to the school and he feels like they can get along, but she's a little 'different'.

New Order In an alternative time, countries have found themselves sectioned off due to pollution, government polices and war and when places are sectioned off like they are, there's always someone or a group of people who want to become top dog. Jane and her friends have managed to maintain life in their little town, avoiding the constant street brawls around them, but with the 'head' being hunted down, they may find themselves being controlled by someone a little more aggressive and dangerous, someone who's going to go house-to-house and demand payment or else.

Recently Dead After years of researching, a 'cure' or solution is believed to have been created to bring the dead back among the living. Patient Zero is their confirmation that it truly works and more are brought back to be categorised as 'Recently Dead' by the public and are released to live among them after months of being held until physically restructured after regenerating their skin, muscles and correct blood flow so they are almost better than when they died. But what happens when they are released into society and all that have been recorded to have been in contact with the 'Recently Dead' begin to decay before finally dying? How are the citizens going to react to this potential threat of human extinction? Maybe it was best for the Recently Dead to have remained dead...

Remember to Forget When waking up with a gun in his right hand and his left nailed into the ground, our protagonist finds himself with no memory of anything that has happened and lead him to this point and with a photograph attached to his hand he makes it his prime objective to find out who she is and what part she plays in things. Entering a world that he has no idea of he's met with challenges and opponents that will push him to his limits as along the way he discovers his own hidden abilities that he seems to unlock and unleash on those trying to stop him, "Remember to forget..."

Rooftops (What Lies Below) After the second coming 'D-Day', where an unknown force referred to as 'Darkness' washed over the planet, everyone left standing has been forced to live on the rooftops of any building they can find. After no access to street level in several months, and food becoming scarce in the limited areas they can retrieve it from, people begin searching for a way to resolve what has happened and find a way down below, but what pushed them up there is going to try and keep them up there.

User's Kingdom In a universe where 21 individuals have magical powers in current time, walled off from the rest of the world inside of the 'Kindgom', a surprising future has been foretold. With only 39 days until the world is to be destroyed, due to the Earth having too many 'Magic Users' inhabiting at once, only 5 Users are allowed to remain on the 40th day. With both a Good and Bad Alliance, our Protagonist is going to infiltrate and try to eliminate as much of the competition as possible, ensuring he and his team are the only remaining 5...

Vengeance (Eka's Debt) When all Asoka wants is to get onto the University course she has always dreamed of but they simply can't afford it, a generous handout is given to her mother (Eka) only to have strings attached to the deal. While Asoka got all she ever wanted, Eka found herself serving her new bosses until she ends up in hospital for reasons that only become clear after the damage has been done, but Asoka won't let them get away with it. She'll do everything in her power to avenge her mother but she's going to require assistance from a feisty stranger who came out of the night...

What Are We Fighting For Four teams have been sent on a mission to retrieve valuable goods from a terrorist organisation out in the mountains, but what was supposed to be a quick snatch and grab goes horribly wrong. The teams are split up and find themselves fighting more than they had anticipated, but the further into the mountain they get the worse it gets. Something was sleeping in this mountain, now everyone is in danger...

Fully Planned Stories (Ready-to-go)

Extricate Me When the first sleeper agent project is sent out to live within the public, and a competing organisation execute an attack causing both sides to lose all traces of the agent, it is a race against time to see whether they can retrieve their experiment, or if they can steal him to create their own. Years after they lost him, he continues an unsocial but ordinary life in 6th form while having no memory of his past, but when his creators finally find trace of him and are about to bring his files back to HQ they're taken out. With the competitors in the lead to capture him, things get harder for both sides once the project learns his own activation phrase and gains control of his re-found ability.

Living in the Aftermath is based around one man who is travelling the wasteland of the United Kingdom after planet Earth had been completely eradicated after a worldwide nuclear war, which forced most people underground until a Super Nuke was created under the White House. When it was accidentally set off the radius affected almost half of the planet and the rest was left with strong radiation which made most of the world uninhabitable. Ever wondered how we would survive after the world was permanently radiated? Well Adam is doing all he can to survive and is documenting every last detail that he thinks the world needs to know in case civilization ever reformed.

Trapped This girl has lived in the same room, and had lived the exact same routine for as long as she can remember, but one day things begin to change. She questions her purpose and asks the one person she's ever known, and there she receives a hint. As secrets become revealed inside the rooms she's always known, her life takes an unexpecteddarkturn.

You Can't Have Him Ever wanted someone so bad that you vow to go to any extreme to keep them to yourself? Well what if someone was crazy enough to go through with it, to the extreme? Sweet misunderstood Seren shows her true colours when her dream significant other leaves over the revealing of her dark secret before they were together and finds another girl. Seren will do anything to make sure that if she can't have him, no one can.

If anyone is interested in any of my stories that are in planning then please Private Message me and I will consider bringing them to life prematurely since they will all be written in due time once my current stories are complete, just so I'm not overwhelmed :P And just to mention, some of these stories I am DYING to write but the only way I will write them before expected time will be if YOU guys want them. Tell me otherwise:D

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Profile Views - 1,106

An Apocalypse to Remember (3rd Draft) - 2,166

Blood Run (2nd Draft) - 378

End of Term - 26

Escort Prisoner 492880 - 264

Kisa & Soichi - 0

Osoru Academy - 2,859

Terramorph - 1,528

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24/01/14 to 15/03/17 - An Apocalypse to Remember (1st Draft) - 1,687

26/03/14 to 20/11/14 - Blood Run - 120

09/11/13 to 02/03/15 - Death In Disguise (2nd Draft) - 117

04/11/17 to 22/09/18 - Exposure (Needed serious revision) - 56

13/07/13 to 27/10/14 - Kisa & Soichi - 531

18/06/15 to 27/05/20 - Kisa & Soichi (Remastered) - 598

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