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Hello, and welcome to the source of my insanity! YIPPEE!!!!!
I have a grand total of...258 reviews!!!!! YAY!!!! OVER 200!!!!!!!!!! (mucho gracias to chava for reminding me to update! =o) )~(granted, about five of them are mine, BUT...hey...there is STILL great cause for rejoicing!!)*here Jenny performs her stunning rendition of the Snoopy Dance, randomly throwing out Candy Cane Kudos Bars to anyone who gets within 34 feet of her!!! tee-hee!* But, seriously...thanx to all who hav reviewed!! You make my day and rock my world!!!
Anywho, I began writing in November 2000. I can still remember it because it all started with an English assignment to write a fantasy story that was at least 3 pages long. When I turned the assignment (Gretchen, a.k.a. Rapunzel) in, it came to be a grand total of 21 pages. Typed. I shocked my entire class. The only other assignment that came even close to that length was ten pages. My English teacher loved it. And I had found my passion.
Well, that's how I got into writing...since I know that all of you loyal fans out there were just dyin to know. Hmm...other than that, I love to act and sing. Yeah...I sing, like, everywhere I go...I just like to say that my life is a living, breathing, musical! lol...anybody who knows me will unanimously agree...yup, yup...love ya all! (and, NO ALLIE, I will not explode like the birdy in Shrek Yup, yup...feelin the love...yeah)
More about me...My real name is...take a wild guess...Jenny! I am well known for picking creative pen names...lol! I am currently a lowly freshmen(high school, peeps, high school!), but I'm makin it! I'm fifteen(finally), and i finally got my permit...but i never drive...oh, well...and I'm a girl...and I'm a Georgia peach, and I'm proud of it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok then...I really like rewriting fairy tales, and I like to read retellings...Robin McKinley is amazing! (And Ella Enchanted will always be tops on my list of fav books! And I can't wait to read it again...once Miriam reads it and gives it back..i mean, girly, ya've had it since last May or so...*sigh*) I absolutely LOVE Mary Stewart~she's AWESOME!! I also like historical fiction, although I put myself through all sorts of pointless research to be accurate...lol! I really like the 1700's, in Great Britain and America...Celia Garth by Gwen Bristow is the best book I've ever read set in this time period! I don't care how similar it seems to The Patriot...it's better! =oP hahaha...so far, I've written:
Gretchen, a.k.a. Rapunzel--
My first fic...be nice in reviews...it's about a year old now *gasp* Basically a retelling of Rapunzel (naw, really?), with little hints of bits of Ella Enchanted thrown in...i know, i know! *For those of you who don't know, it is FINISHED!!!! (tear, tear) So stop reading this and review!* YAY!!! Jenny has SIX pages of reviews on this one!!!!
East of the Sun and West of the Moon--
I've always loved this fairy tale, even though it's not half as well known as most fairy tales...but that's ok, b/c I'm here to write fanfiction about it! *Chapter EIGHTEEN has finally added to this!!* If you're still reading, even after I told ya to go read and review Gretchen, a.k.a. Rapunzel, then do not proceed, on pain of death, and go read and review this! THANK you!
Everything I Ever Knew--
My first historical fic. Be kind, peeps...plus, any hints or insight to any of the mentioned areas in England are GREATLY appreciated! *Chapter four has finally been posted! YAY!!!* This one's kinda suffering on reviews! Come on, guys! It doesn't take THAT long to write a quick little note! =o)
Sometimes It Takes a Tragedy--
A poem that came to my mind on September 11th...just my thoughts and reactions in poetic form...
The Case of the Great Turkey--
What happens when you cross my friends and I with the Great Turkey? (as opposed to the Great Pumpkin from Peanuts!) Ya get this story, which is chock full of nearly evry inside joke we ever came up with...but don't worry, kids, there are plenty more to come, and The Case of the Very Dry Ski Slopes is now here! =o)
The Case of the Very Dry Ski Slopes--
this is yet another escapade with me and my friends...it's actually based on a "comic strip" that Drew and I continued in five or six notes...now, everyone from The Case of the Great Turkey is not in there, but it's not my fault...Drew started the comic...but Anna's in there, and she has more run-ins with the moon, and...never mind...you'll just have to read it...the only problem is that I have to be EXCEPTIONALLY hyper to write this one, so updates may be few and far between and...yeah...soooooooooooooooooooooooooo...tootles! mwah!
666 Reasons That Prove That Santa and Satan are the Same...Person--
Well, this now confirms that i am psycho...YAY!!! It was actually started by a friend of mine, but i took some of her ideas, and added some of my own, and, well...the result is pure insanity!!!
YAY!!! IT'S HERE!!! After reading everyone else's take on Beauty and the Beast, I was inspired to write my OWN version...hooo boy!!! Chapter FIVE is here...finally!!! Guys...i know that this has gone a wee bit (to out it nicely) slow on updates, but it's a challenge to do, and i'm not quite sure where it's gonna go right now...sorry!
To come(eventually):
Poetry(pretty self explanitory)
The Epic--
Ok...that's NOT the title, kids...*sigh* but that IS what it is, and i've started writing it...sort of...to be honest, I started in the middle, and with bits and pieces...but it'll be here soon...i hope! (i.e. Probably not) Get ready, peeps! =o)
I'm brainstorming again...whah-whoa...right now I'm trying to form some historical fiction...tho i might post those under another pseudonym (isn't that just the coolest word? tee-hee...) that i don't have yet...yup yup!
Anything else? i dunno right now..prob so!
My favs:
Song~cant pick...how bout whatever's on the radio?

Food~Kraft Mac & Cheese all the way! lol

Movie~wow...i've seen WAY too many to pick...i love musicals! omg! o...and jurassic park is my sick movie...for some reason unknown to even me, i always end up watching it when i'm sick...hmmm...
Musical~Phantom of the Opera, West Side Story, Beauty and the Beast, Les Miserables...i love Camelot, too...and a whole lot more...and Singin in the Rain is a fav in both musicals and movies!
Quote~"I do not suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it."
If ya havn't been able to tell yet, i'm a crazy person...but that's ok, b/c i'm special...at least that's what I keep telling myself...hmmm...
Welps, that sums me about up! lol...greetings to Allie and Miriam and Joseph and Drew and Anna and Sarah and Sarah and Danielle, if ya happen ta pass by! To the rest of the peanut gallery, email me for whatever...please? Believe me, I'd much rather get even short emails from complete strangers than all the crappy junk mail that i seem to get more and more of each day...(a note to all you kids out there: never punch and/or zap the monkey, then give them yur email. Bad things happen.)
Well, thanks to all who read my stories and to anyone who actually read all that crap up there! PLEASE read and review! I'm begging u! Enjoy!
Peace and love in the meantime,
~Jenny the chica~
ps~MWAHAHAHAHAHA...with the help of fellow author Kioki, I have conquered html...sorta...if any body can figure out italics, colors, fonts, and how the heck to center stuff, I'd be mighty grateful! (And how the heck to make html work for stories...because it's just not cooperating!) At least it's easier to read now! lol...

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