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AL here! Only moving onto fictionpress now because I have had a few stories in my head for the past year or so and it's getting really hard to ignore them so I have decided to get them down somewhere.

I have published before on fanfiction but nothing in the past few years. I have been way to busy but I have time now to really enjoy the whole writing dream.

I am from Ireland so my stories will more than likely be set here (Finding Home is set in Ireland). I understand that the majority of people who use the site are not from here so anything that might not translate I will explain at the end of the chapters. But nothing should be too difficult for anyone.

It's great being able to see how many people have viewed the stories and chapters but its not great when that does not translate to reviews. I would really really appreciate any kind of reply to my work. As I am sure everyone on the site is aware, its reviews that drive most to continue with a story so if you like the story, say it. I wont be expecting critical essays on the theme or characters of the story. I would be over the moon with a sentence!!!


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