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I Am So Sorry! I lost my account info so it has taken me awhile to get back, also been busy with babyistting and the near school year! I will start adding new chapters soon! Sorry if the new one I just added is short!

Well, Hiya there! ;) My name is Amber and this is my page! :D Im going to tell you a little about myself...

I am 16 and live in the south, and yes I do have a accent. So please forgive if it shows a little in my writings. (: I love reading so very much, its is such a wonderful thing, also i study Mythology which I think is just amazing!!! I started writing short stories about 2 years ago and i wrote mostly about different mythology. Also I am super nerdy and love to play video games of any kind.

Some of my goals are: Become a writer, Learn Latin, Vist ancient cities, and meet Veronica Roth, Becca Fitzpatric, Julie Kagawa, John Green and Cassandra Clare who are my favorite authors!

My best friend is Megan and she loves to read just like me. She is the one who helped me find out that I loved reading and is always helping me. She too is a writer and is amazing! Also y New best friend Zach is helping me :)

Some of my favorite books:

Hush,Hush series (The book that made me love reading in the first place!)Iron Fey seriesGone seriesHouse of Night seriesHarry Potter seriesVampire Academy seriesMatched seriesLegend seriesThe Immortal rules (I've only read the first book so far)Divergent seriesEverything Cassandra Clare has wrote! :D (T.M.I & T.I.D)Night World seriesMythos AcademyCinder seriesThe Rising seriesReckoning seriesSisters of Isis seriesSmoke and Bones seriesFallen seriesNightshade seriesPoison study series

Well if you are reading any of this then that means you liked one of my stories so I want to thank you so much! :D

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