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I started telling stories when I was in Kindergarten. I am originally a fan of fantasy writing...unfortunately I am also rubbish at that genre. So I stick to writing about what I know ...which is basically things that I or my close friends have experienced. I hope that my writing can move people and a touch a chord somewhere in their hearts which is what really all my favourite authors were able to do for me (Paulo Cohelo and Murakami anybody...and yes J.K Rowling in a big way).

Another thing you have to know about me is that I am absolutely die-hard romantic, the kind that would probably make Nicholas Sparks cringe. I believe in fairytales and happy endings and yes I ADORE disney movies...

Another thing that everybody reading my stories should know...they will probably be full of typos...mostly because I only write when I feel inspired and in those moments I am usually too absorbed in the emotion to care about grammar!! Feel free to correct me though! Help of a well meaning grammar Nazi is something I very often require unfortunately!

Happy Reading folks :)

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