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I hate these profile things because I can't really say much about myself because I don't anything have to say but I will say

like nearly everyone on this site I enjoy just reading and writing stories and I'm fifteenth at the moment like I said there isn't much to say.

The stories I read are most are either MxM or mpreg and some girlxboy so if you have any suggestion I would love to read this however I have picky with my mpreg because when they pregnant they act all like women and I just want to punch them so badly(I'm not joking on how I dream of doing it) , so I have picky that my warning.

I also read mafia stories(Love them) with the guy being in the gang instead of the girl because I can't be bother to explained.

I'm a yaoi fangirl and love my anime and manga (death until we part).

If you have anything you want to ask me and I promise not to bite.

If your wondering what kinds of stories I write well that a secret and you just have to find out but give you a hint by I'm a very twisted person.

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