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Hello. Thank you for visiting my profile page. I like your face. Not only is it composed of extremely delicate and well-calibrated sensory tools, it has a certain aesthetic appeal to it that I appreciate.

My username used to be philosophythemes, but I decided that was too pretentious.

The Biomass is a sci-fi driven by plot and world building, in which a mysterious plague spreads across the galaxy. It comes in the form of a collection of primary source documents.

The Letters of Dr. Mortabio is like a reference book for The Biomass. No need to read it in order, but you can if you want. I realized not everybody wants to read the detailed scientific language built up to support the plot, so I didn't want to include it in the main story. There are some spoilers in the letters for the Biomass, but not if you avoid the last eight chapters.

The Biomass (old) was my first attempt at writing the story that ultimately flopped. If you are interested in seeing how the writing process changed the story, you might find it interesting.

A Warm Summer Story is a character driven romance and is completely different from the other stories. It is not an autobiography, just an attempt at writing something extremely realistic.

Some people feel like they need to review the stories of the people that reviewed their stories. I don't feel that need. If I review something of yours, don't feel obligated to review something of mine. If you review something of mine, don't expect me to review something of yours. Unless this is the Review Game, that's different.

I am grateful for your existence.

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