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I'm Daniel, a writer in my late twenties with a serious passion for high fantasy. Anything with elves, dragons, or wicked, wand-wielding wizards and you've captured my attention. Of course, I'm also ADHD, so no guarantees on how long you might lay claim to it.

I have a couple of business degrees, but if I'm honest with myself I'd have to say that a life of writing sounds just about as utopian as it gets on this little rock we call home. Speaking of home, I'm from Texas (in the states), though I currently reside in a nearby southern state.

At any rate, if you like high fantasy check out my stuff. I plan to start at the beginning of the story I'm currently working on and add chapters as they flow forth from these oft-finicky fingers of mine (compelling words to come can, at times be more like pulling teeth than anything, really).

If anyone has anything they'd like me to have a look at, let me know. While I do have a relatively strong stomach, I'd prefer it if the "thing" you'd like me to look at was some bit of writing, honestly.

Map: The world of Mallera

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