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Hello readers of the universe. I am Ciaran Teden; a 16 year old antisocial British kid with a love for Horror movies. I also love things about superheroes (Favourite heroes are Batman and Raven). I also have a secret love (pun?) for romance in stories. It's cheesy I know, but they are awesome. I love music (mainly Paramore) and gaming. I don't use swear words like everyday lexis (compared to others my age) so don't expect a potty-written story. I feel I have experience in emotion stuff, considering recently I have been the subject of bullying and attacks by others, despite leaving school around a month ago... I also have a certain person that wants to make my life a living Hell, hopefully they haven't heard of this site. This way I can metaphorically spread my wings and fly.

I developed a love of writing after discovering FanFiction and MemoPad on my phone. I used to write stories back when I was about 5 or 6, stapling a load of paper together then writing a story in them. I wasted so much paper back then. Now I just write on electric devices so I save a few trees, maybe... Hopefully you will enjoy my future work, I feel it may become difficult as I have spent half a year writing chapter 1 of a story I have been making. Yes.

Books wise; I hate Harry Potter with a passion. I love Twilight, Night World, Alice in Wonderland and other stuff.

I love crime stories, especially some with major twists. I also love plot-holes in stories, because I can take them straight to Fanfiction! My pen-name is exactly the same :)

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