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Marie Starr PM
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Hey, I'm a new aspiring writer, been one for a while now just that I don't have any confidence to write/post anything on here nor anywhere yet. If I ever post a story please tell me if I did good or bad. If bad, give a reason why or else I'll hunt you down and pester you till you do. And I'm also into slash (boyxboy) so if any of my stories contain that in it, I'll be sure to warn you in the summary. For all you flamers who flame people for content/context that you disagree with, please get a life and don't bother mine. If I believe that you won't like it, I'll warn you. And if you do have a good reason to flame, then I thank you for the critism and will gladly warn anyone or make those changes. That's all for now,

-ja nee!

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