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Hi! Thanks for checking out my profile page. Here are some things to note about me and my stories...

I'll try to update at regular intervals Welcome to the New Age. I'm currently editing and rewriting the chapters, so I'll try to post once a week. Favorite TV shows: Star Trek, X-Files, Fringe, Lost, and Under the Dome! Other favorite stuff: Horses (I ride and have three of my own), physics, astronomy, and Imagine Dragons! (Favorite song by them: Radioactive! That's what Welcome to the New Age is based off of). Feel free to PM me, I don't mind. Also feel free to review on my story, I welcome helpful critique and anything that can improve my writing.


I'll update soon, I finished the rewrite of New Age but with school and everything else going on in my life, I'm not sure how soon I'll actually update, but I will try!

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