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Real Name: Jason Wu

Age: 17 and in my senior year of High school

I live in a town in Michigan in the USA. I am interested in becoming a Game Designer in the future. On the side I like to cook, read, write, and play video games.

Stuff I'm into:

I love movies. Some of my favorites genres include gangster movies, war movies, Science Fiction, and Fantasy, and some comedy.

Favorite Movies:

-Casino Royale (2006)
-The Godfather part 3
-Lord of the Rings (Whole Series)
-Rush Hour
-Sherlock Holmes

I'm really into video games. I tend to like games competitive in nature like Call of Duty or League of Legends but really enjoy games with a compelling story like The Last of Us.

In terms of books, I've read all of the mainstream titles. I enjoy reading Sherlock Holmes, The Hunger Games series, and war books.

I specialize in Italian cooking. I also like mixing it up and sometimes cook dishes with a mixture of Mexican and Italian influences. Ethnically, I am Taiwanese but do not enjoy the taste of Asian food, though I make an exception for Sushi and Sze Chuan dishes.

I like listening to music. I like a lot of Rap, and not the mainstream stuff like Drake or Lil Wayne either. I might listen to a bit of Rock, though I can't handle heavy metal. I do enjoy classical and Movie scores when the mood calls for it.

Favorite Artists:

-The Game
-Kid Cudi
-Tech N9ne
-50 Cent
-Some Eminem
-Occasionally Green Day. Some Old School hip hop. I prefer Biggie over Tupac.

Favorite Composers:

-Hans Zimmerman
-Howard Shore-John Williams
-David Arnold
-Dabble in the classical composers. I like Mozart, some Beethoven, and some other composers. Honestly, I'm not an expert on classical music so I can't really name many composers.


-I play Airsoft. Me and my Chopper make a great team.
-I might consider joining the Navy. But it is a big commitment and I don't know if I should.
-I am a Radio DJ at my highschool.
-Football is my shit
-I am an avid MMA fanatic.

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