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Hi everyone :) I don't know what to really say. Thank you for visiting my page and hopefully reading my story. I have never been a writer but I have always loved to read. Right now I am attempting to write a story on a dream I had quite some years ago, it has always stuck with me. I hope you like it. I apologize in advance, but I'm still learning my writing style so hopefully through the chapters my story will grow as will my writing skills. If you are writing a story leave a review or messaging me and I will do my best to read and leave a review for you. I understand the difficulty of writing and needing positive encouragement. I hope to find some good friends on here :)

Timing of chapters: I try to upload a new chapter as soon as I can usually between 2-4 days. But I rather spend more time on perfecting a chapter working out the kinks than posting one for the sake of having another chapter. So I apologize in advance if it takes more than 4 days to post a chapter.

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