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I don't write much original fiction, but it would be nice to post some of my Creative Writing assignments somewhere. Not all of them turn out badly, so it's worth a shot. All of these stories were written during the 2004-2005 school year, my senior year in high school, and have been edited for your reading pleasure. I'm now a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and, though I hope to continue with my original writing, I'm not sure if I will. I don't know how good I am, so be sure to drop your constructive criticism in the review box ^^

For those of you who aren't aware, an IGP is an "Independant Growth Project," or a long term writing project. I had two of them during the 04/05 year, one per semester, and I call them as such. So, to avoid confusion, here's your handy-dandy explanation right here.

Feel free to drop me e-mails with questions/comments about anything you see here, even Admirer. I'll be sure to forward anything to Alice ^^.

Btw, the post "Admirer" is a collection of poetry by my friend Alice from several years ago, not to be mistaken with my own work. Honestly, I couldn't write a piece of good poetry to save my life.

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