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Hey I'm Celina! I am an acute achluophobian and I love writing on paper. Let's cut the crap and skip to the details -I have no idea what else to write-

What I Like- Smell of rain, high up mountain air, my bed, Scarlet Pimpernel (the book), lasagna, banana milkshake, brownie, Japanese anime, chivalry, Blackberry (the electronics brand), pecans, the day of the last exam, water fights, chatting with my bffl, annoying my brother, Princess Diana, there is absolutely no teacher more gorgeous -in my eyes- when she announces an upcoming holiday, and the thing that I absolutely love: when my family is home on a weekend and it's about six in the morning and no one -other than you- is awake, it feels nice, heavenly and peaceful.

Stuff I Absolutely Detest- When a teacher piles on more homework because tomorrow is a holiday; the way I laugh because no kidding, I have this completely insane Are-You-Crazy-Laugh, and to top it all I laugh hysterically when I do laugh; I have a squeaky voice when it comes to school, God knows why, cause at home I yell at the top of my lungs, but at school my cowardly voice box shuts up; my brother waking me up in the morning; MATH; my mom interrupting my reading; and -how could I forget- my sister's tantrums (the reason being me).

I'm not really good at stories, but a lot of times I have this story stuck in my head. I figured I could write it down, and it might as well be liked my people with similar tastes...

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