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Hi! Thanks for checking out my profile!

If you have a story you'd like me to check out, go ahead and PM me! Or, if that feels too weird, drop a review on something of mine and I'll return the favor! I'm very into cheesy romance and cliche trope-y stuff.


I'm currently working on a "novel" (that's a big, scary word) that I'm hoping to get traditionally published. I'm still working on the name, but I'm calling it The Valedictorian for now, and it features Marcotte and Jeff from Nineteen Percent. It also features them being idiots, because apparently, I'm incapable of writing a real plot so I have to rely on everyone being dumb butts in order to advance the plot.

I'm a Real Person:

Follow my writing Twitter @CapriRae and my Tapas account, also capri rae (for webcomics). I'm always looking to make new writing friends on all platforms!

Poorly Written Fiction by Me:

No Swimming Allowed: After several months of procrastinating, I'm posting my recently-completed novel No Swimming Allowed. It's a slash romance, a bit paranormal but not in a cringey way, I hope. It centers around a boy named Val Preston who tries to drown himself in the lake behind his house, but he's saved by a strange kid named Liam, who no one else seems to be able to see. Fast forward four years and Val and Liam live together, go to school together, and maybe even kiss sometimes, and Val's pretty sure he's fallen in love with this boy that no one believes really exists. Some angst, some coming-of-age, lots and lots of gay boys being idiots. It's a good time.

Nineteen Percent has been completed, thanks to the amazing support of everyone who read it. Nineteen Percent is about a boy (named Jeff) who grows up in a futuristic society where everyone is Matched with a lifelong (hopefully) partner at the age of 18 (gotta love those cliches). Unfortunately (and you know where this is going), things don't go exactly as he hoped. Angst and gay drama ensue.

The cover art for Nineteen Percent is by me (as well as my profile art), and I have some other drawings too so hopefully I can figure out how to link to those. FictionPress is infamously bad about allowing links, so...we will see!

All my other stories are currently either completed or discontinued, mostly because a lot of them were written when I was 14 and very, very dumb. I've been on this site for a long time (give me a shout if you remember me from Boys' Bantam lol), but I'm trying to be active again, so I'm sure you'll see me around :)

Let the cliches begin :P

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