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Hello to everybody that is reading my profile! Thank you for taking the time to read my stories and bio! I guess I will tell you about me then...


Name - Riverfeather, but you can call me River (That's not my real name, but it's the only one I'm telling you)

Gender - Female

Age - Over 12, under 20

Location - U.S.A.

Private Messages - I love getting Private Messages, so feel free to send one! I will always respond! :P

Reviews - I LOVE getting reviews too! I'm open to anything you have to say in a review, and please give me constructive critisism, because I enjoy getting advice that will help me to improve my writing!

Communities - I haven't found a community to be in yet, but I'm looking into it.

Music - Counting Stars, by One Republic. "Everything that kills me makes me feel alive."

- Happy Little Pill, by Troye Sivan. "Bring color to my skies."

- The Devil Within, by Digital Daggers. "I'm the poison in your bones."

Movies & T.V - I like fantasy shows/movies, mystery/thriller, and almost all movies (except documenteries)

-A few favs are 'Fairy Tail', 'The Maze Runner', 'Merlin', 'Arrow', 'Once Upon A Time', 'The Walking Dead', 'Fullmetal Alchemist', 'The Impossible', 'Lord of the Rings' & 'The Hobbit', and etc. :D

Favorite Genres - I enjoy reading and writing fantasy, romance, supernatural, action/adventure, tragedy and humor.

My Writing Weaknesses - I'm not that great at the beggining of stories, and I find it really difficult to find ways to explain complex things that isn't totally boring.

My Writing Strengths - I'm pretty good at creating characters, and I love putting a twist to my stories. So when you're reading my stories, always expect the unexpected! :P

* I can read everything rated K - M!

Other Random Facts - Fav color is any shade of blue and I love when colors blend into eachother.

- Fav animal is a snow leopard and a wolf.

- I like photography, poetry, and drawing.

- I really like candles. Don't ask why. I just do.

- I prefer the cold weather over the hot weather.

- My fav seasons are spring (1st) and winter (2nd).

- I want to travel the world some day.

- I want to see the Northern Lights

- I love the four elements: Fire, water, earth, and air.

- I believe that a movie/story that makes you cry, laugh, or connect to is a great movie/story.

- I spend quite a bit of my time daydreaming.

Cinderella walked on broken glass,

Sleeping Beauty let a whole lifetime pass,

Belle fell in love with a hideous beast,

Jasmine married a common thief,

Ariel walked on land for love and life,

Snow White barely escaped a knife,

It was all about blood, sweat, and tears.

Because true love means facing your biggest fears.

Well, thanks for visiting my profile! Again, if you read and review my work, I'll do the same for you! And if you have any community suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Bye for now, then :P

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