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Hi there stranger, as mentioned above I am Bastard From North. I have also been given a nickname "Northie" so you might as well use that if you want. I used to write alot once upon a time but not on this site, where those stories were are no longer available as I deleted them mostly by accident :D. Well, can't help it now but oh well, life goes on.

My profile picture was made with great care and by the greatest artist alive, me. Okay I did make it but it's pretty weird and came out way worse than I hoped and I was being sarcastic XD I can't draw for shit but at least it's "unique" :D Also, I made it too big at first so now it was shoved inside itself due to the weird look. But oh well, I don't really care. (Also I spent way too much making it in the first place, was being stupid and needed help, thanks for my dear helper XD ).

As a person just take me for an idiot with too many plans and no real idea where to shove them all. I have nothing to offer in "friend" wise so you might find better one while your at it XD In any case, have a nice day or night!

I am planning to write more as time goes on, I have no real "favorite" category to be honest so I write just about anything. Be it dramatic or something really boring, you decide that I suppose. One day I might write a war story, another day some nonsense. Yes, I know writing stories about animals might be a bit childish but I was raised with Disneys stuff and such so that's my excuse.

I have all kinds of plans going on but most of them never see the sunlight and most will not even survive long enough to be finished. I have a bunch of stories written on paper but I feel that those are not good enough, not the way I want them to be. I do have plans on publishing something soon I hope.

In any case, I hope you like what I do and if not, well thanks for attempting to read it at the very least I guess? Have a nice day :D

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