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Hello interweb my name is ajashire1. It's nice to meet you.

Info about me

Age: It's just a number (I'll tell you that I'm still in school, and too young for you)

Gender: Male

Who am I?: A nobody currently, but how you view me is up to you


Info about the stories to come:

There are no stories. Sorry...


2018 6/28- I haven't used this site in a very long time... Seeing my old profile is giving me major embarrassment, but that's to be expected I suppose. One day just the very fact that I checked up on this site and decided to write an update at all will probably make me cringe too. That's okay.

2016 1/23- Happy New Year! I just found out a week ago that I'm going to Brazil for a whole year. Crazy huh? :)

2015 10/24- I'm starting to regret joining the Speech and Acting club... who knew writing an SOS could be so hard. Sigh I just should've read a poem. Also writing speeches for school is very tedious.

Why am I writing nonsense at midnight? Cause.

2015 10/18- My life has been pretty busy this year. I can't wait till November (Thanksgiving break) then I can finally have a much needed rest... maybe I'll even think of some story ideas. Lately I've been reading manga rather than stories on here, so maybe I'll get back into that. I do miss my dear Fictionpress. :)

2015 8/6- I'm a procrastinator. Like they always say the first step is admitting... (I'm so stupid XD)

2015 7/10- Three (or two) days world. Give me Three. (or two)

2015 5/5- Okay so my school year is reaching its end, meaning I won't be on here as much. I will continue to read the stories I am currently if any authors are wondering, "Hey where's that boy that seemed more excited than I do about my own story?". I'm still here, but until I get a handle on school and finales are over I will not be replying to any PMs or reviewing. (If I have the time maybe) This won't be for long since there's only like 13 days of school left not counting weekends! YAY


I'm very proud of quite a few stories in my favorites so if you're ever looking for a good read check some of them out (there's a lot)

Don't cry because it's over smile because it happened!

The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.

I suck at keeping promises so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

Only one promise will continuously stand: I always come back.

"This ugly yet, beautiful world"

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