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I am "new" to this. I mean I have read so many stories on here, just never created an account.
But figured now was a good time, just so I can review and get answers, haha!

I have been apart of the other site though, fanfiction!
On fanfiction I am known as: ImABelieber, and I have posted a few stories on there. I love that site, I have gotten so many amazing reviews and made some friends and even though my stories were all over the place, I still had/have supporters!

I love reading stories because it takes you to this whole new world that sometimes is fairytale like, or even full of drama but romance. I love when a story has both drama and romance because through the hard times, pulling through it is what matters. I spend a lot of my free time writing the start to story ideas that pop in my head, and reading stories that have me yelling at characters! I spend so much time throughout a story just waiting for the moment they fall for each other, to happen...but when they do...I end up missing the way it was when they were leading up to it...just can't win with stories!


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