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Cheers. You've found my page. Here are ten cookies and a pile of angsty poetry.

About me: I'm sixteen! and my online alter ego fits perfectly into the morbid, suicidal emo stereotype. But in reality my favorite color is yellow and I live smack dab in the middle of the United States. You might as well call me Dorothy.

About my writing: Stylistically, very detail-oriented. I often focus my time on words and rhythm and emphasis, giving a few of my pieces a more poetic quality. "Morpheus" is a great example. If you've read Morpheus and enjoy it, I'd actually suggest some of lesseninglessons' works, including "Alexandria." It's given me a lot of inspiration.
Also, mentioned previously, I write tragedy/death/depression/evilness galore. Occasional romance, and if you're really lucky, a mythology-based tragic romance. Excited yet? Perhaps you should be.


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