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I'm just a normal introverted high school girl that has a bit of an imagination. I like lots of things, like video games, junk food, hockey, roller skating, baseball, watching sports, riding my classic Razor scooter, drawing, sleeping, debate, anime, daydreaming, and the like. I prefer coming up with my own original characters and stories, so don't expect to see me on Fanfiction. The things I think of and write about can be simple things for all ages, or really mature things that are more suitable for older teenagers/adults (no, not THAT type of perverted adult material, just real violence and other things... which I have no idea if I should even post on this site.) The mature things are things that I want to adapt into a manga, anyway. I have a plot, fully developed characters, and even an ending planned out, but I'm just not sure how the submission guidelines for Yen Press work.

Well, I've played LOTS of video games throughout the span of my life, from My Sims to Plants vs. Zombies to Midnight Club and some Need for Speed games, even fighting games. My favorite one to date is the original Plants vs. Zombies.

I also play an MMORPG called Adventure Quest Worlds, or AQW for short. I'm on consistently, but very few people actually know my account name. And I'm not telling you here, either.

My favorite band is One-Eyed Doll. Kimberly and Junior ROCK! (No pun intended.) Who would have known I'd find such a band through the AQW Lorestockapalooza? If you haven't listened to them, then listen to one of their songs RIGHT NOW. Their most popular song is Break, but my favorite is Fight, from the album Dirty. I can go on and on about how I don't care about those mainstream celebrities, like Kanye West, and Beyonce, and the like, since in my opinion they're all the same and 98% will die a drug related death (such as the drug influencing the behavior that killed them, or the drug directly killing them), and many of the females are just walking plastic surgery that go to the hospital and start a lawsuit if a person accidentally nips them with a bike. Face lifts, breast implants, and I can't imagine all the excessive dieting they do to get THAT bony. This is just my opinion, but I'll say it the way kids at school will say it: "It a'int cute." P.S., out of all of those celebrities, I dislike Justin Bieber the most. And once again, I can go on all DAY about how much I want him to go back to Canada and become old news. Honestly, the U.S. is so weird. We even went through an entire war to get away from Britian, but now they can't get enough of Kate Middleton's new hat. Don't get me wrong, though, I have nothing against British people at all (I love the British accents, too!), but I'm just wondering why the U.S. can be so focused on the British royal family when we have our own government to worry about.

Okay, so at this point I don't think like I'm sounding too much like a normal high school girl. I don't like the Twilight Saga AT ALL. Sparkling vampires and werewolf dudes fighting over that zombie called Bella? Not my cup of tea. And the creators of AQW seem to think the same way as me, seeing as how they added Edvard the sparking vampire into one of their places.

You know how I was talking about mature original ideas earlier? Well, there's one novel I've been working on for years called North Star. I'd probably upload it when I finish the story, but I recently restarted it. It was around 85 pages with size 10 writing... and even then I wasn't halfway done. Plus, it's part of a giant series and while the first one or two novels are a solid T, you see... by the third novel to the last (5th) novel, it becomes a solid M or even arguably an M, no way around it.And M rated things are sadly not allowed on FictionPress, otherwise I would have been typing up North Star instead of this.

So... well... you know enough about me and I'm done with my bio. Read and review my stories. Chances are, I'll return the favor.

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