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HI. I'm not going to say as much as what is bouncing in my brain, but I'm a teenager with an adoration for writing. It's my every reason for breathing anymore. And, before you ask, read my stories. Yes, I'm in a rough time and making rough decisions. The word "depressed" is too upsetting for me. I would like to see things with a positive upkeep. I love to smile and laugh and talk. And, of course, write : ).

My stories are like every second of my life. I love them and they're something highly personal to me. They're my heart and my soul poured out in words I would never say out loud. Not that I keep anything from people other than the slashes under my clothes. But I don't have any secrets.

I'm not here to make friends, dearies. I'm here to improve my writing skills and get some hard critisim. I'm Pheo. Call me that if you wish and keep it at that because my real name is of no concern to you.

I'm harsh and I can get nasty, but I am generally a nice person. Things just come out wrong- like I'm a monster. When I truly try to be nice all the time. Maybe I try too hard? I don't know but I just need some time in my life to not have to worry about how hard I try, you know? That's kind of not really something I can fix right now. And anyways, I'm done having to fix things about me that others don't like. I'm not play-doh. I'm a human being with strong emotions, strong opinions, and a writer's soul.

Grrr I said so much about myself.

Give me some harsh critiques! Make me a better writer!


I'm an emotional person. Which, I think everyone who reads this knows that that does not mean I'm "emo" (I HATE that title.) It just means I'm a writer : ) Thanks : ) Read my stories, please and thank you

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