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Yo what's shaking my friends~

So first things first- I know my name is literally Vamp but that's because it was a running joke with my cousin (although it was originally FuturisticVolcano but you can see how FuturisticVampire sounds cooler) that turned into my online persona.

Anyways so yea I'm me. I used to be on this site as like tears of crystal or something but that was six years ago and i was a very edgy child. Seriously, had the breaking benjamin albums, the dark poetry (as you can see from below), the shady jackets, everything. And thats not to say that breaking benjamin is bad, really, just Pat the Bunny is better. A lot better, actually.
And yknow thats not to say that A7x isn't great and that the Rev didn't have an awesome and inspiring side project with Syn which was the only successful avante-garde metal band I've ever heard, Haken is just a better band and I'll fucking say it- Pyramaze is better than Iron Maiden.

But I'm getting off track. What I meant to get at is that I have a profile on fanfiction which is also named FuturisticVampire. Actually, I have about four, because when I was a kid i acted on impulse and for some reason kept making more and more and I'm sure there are more than those four and I just don't even remember them. Anyways, off track again. On that site I'm only working on like the two outta eight (oh fuck these numbers just reminded me i have math homework) stories, though of the Warriors stories that I adopted from a cool author, Falachen, is just on standby until I finish the Warriors story I've been writing for three or four years so far. I just reached Chapter Forty on that one, by the way. It's called "Fortuna Saevum." Which is Latin. Ooo who's smart? I am.
Jk I had to use a Latin dictionary and I forgot what all the declensions do besides genitive and vocative so i just guessed and it's probably grammatically incorrect.
The other main story right now is Battalia, which as of right now (Monday; 10/28/19; 6:03 PM i was supposed to walk the dogs three minutes ago), is on Chapter Two and Chapter Three is nearly finished. And it's a Blue Exorcist fanfic, which of course means a fuckton of M-rated incest and genderbends. Just my kinda thing. By the way that was ironic and I puked a little writing it
Other than those three, I have this Supernatural one that's kinda dumb, a few other Warriors ones that are kinda dumb, a yugioh one that's not as dumb but i'm meh about it now, and a pendragon one (like the young adult series not the dude with the sword), that somehow has views, but that one's trash it's fucking hilarious.

So some shit about me-

I'm a female high schooler in America, which naturally means that I'm obsessed with inappropriate yaoi and crying because my grades are low. Seriously, what the fuck was I thinking when I put "AP Language & Composition" on my schedule? Did I think it was going to be fucking easy?

-I listen to most music genres. I shit on it a lot, but yea I like heavy metal. And yknow, some death metal bands (when i say some i really just mean three songs from Fleshgod Apocalypse), and power metal is usually good but I say that only having listened to Powerwolf and Sabaton. And I'm pretty sure Haken and Pyramaze are prog metal? Oh, and i like soad. I once bought a soad shirt from hot topic, because you know hot topic is my SHIT.
About rap, the only rap artist i like is a guy whose name i dont even remember, but he did a music video once where he was shirtless on a beach being dramatic and rapping about the government fucking people over and police brutality and stuff and I really dig it, so if anybody reads this and happens to know what I'm talking about please please I need to know.
There's this band called Diary of Dreams, I think. No clue what genre to put them as, so I'll just say it's good stuff.
And obviously, I'm punk as shit and folk punk is the world to me. To get an idea: Days N Daze, Mischief Brew, AJJ, Pat the Bunny, Ludlow (OBAMA!).

Speaking of Obama, there's this kid in my gym class, absolute weirdo. And yknow he likes yugioh (he likes 5Ds more than DM and that should have been the first red flag), so he was bearable. Then one time, a good friend of mine saw me and was like "Hey it's my favorite person...Obama" and this kid absolutely lost his shit he was like "DONT FUCKING SAY THAT NAME O U T LEAVE NOW" And we were like aw "man are you a trump supporter or something ahaha" obviously not serious and he's like "YES I AM AND YOU JUST DISRESPECTED HIM BY SPEAKING OBAMA'S NAME GET OUT" and guys I wish I was joking. So obviously Obama became the focal point of my friends' jokes for the rest of that day.

-On another note, I really love anime, but I don't watch them by the thousands, so don't expect me to be an expert. My favorites so far are Death Note (classic), Yugioh (manga's better), Blue Exorcist (manga's betterx2), Lelouch (no wait this is actually named Code Geass sorry), Evangelion (classic), and this netflix one that was pretty amazing called Violet Evergarden, and of course, Fate Zero (other Fates are meager at best- Gilgamesh is always great though).

And how could I mention anime without mentioning ships? So here are some of my favs-

L x Light (Death Note): This one isn't a die-hard ship and most likely isn't canon, but I just think it's fun to play around with.
Lelouch X Suzaku (Code Geass): I love this one because of the potential effects/consequences it could have on Lelouch's character, but I won't risk any spoilers so that's all I'll say.
Lelouch X CC: I just think this is hot as fuck, plus yknow blatantly canon
Seto Kaiba X Yami aka the Pharoah aka Atem / Prideshipping / Timeshipping i think (Yugioh): I just think this one is hot as fuck x2, plus ah jeez it's just so what it is okay
Yukio X Shiemi (Blue Exorcist): They're just a couple of awkward cuties tryna figure it out :3
Rin X Suguro (Blue Exorcist): Potentially the opposite of canon, but you gotta admit Suguro kinda acts like a homosexual at times.
Shiro X Mephisto (Blue Exorcist): Again, I don't really ship this I just think it's fun.
Lewin Light X Mephisto (Blue Exorcist): Okay so especially considering the plague of twincest and RinxShima in the AnE fandom, I really have no idea how I've never seen this pairing. I mean c'mon you can't tell me you don't get creepy homoerotic vibes from either of them.
Yami Bakura X Marik / Thiefshipping (Yugioh): Cuz yknow my man LK really convinced me.

-Hm, as for personal hobbies, I like writing stories as well as saying them verbally, I've been playing violin for seven years now and piano for a year, kitties are my favorite pets also bunnies but the only bunny I ever had died within a year and I still cry about it because I love him. His name was Mister Mustache Alexander my last name, and he was the greatest bunny ever to live on god's sweet earth. Also I have puppies and I love them, but they bark and it's annoying. Also I love drawing, that's a thing.

-Bread is my favorite food. Holy shit I just love it so much. All kinds and every kind as long as it's fluffy as shit and has crust. Oh and hasn't gotten old because when it gets old it kinda smells like vinegar and I don't like it.

So anyway that's what I have to say about myself so far.

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