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In my life of existence I have hurdled over a few hurdles. Few things could keep me grounded and writing is one of them. I can write and write and make a story where I can escape this world and live in my mind. I am also in love with music. I write music and play several instruments. I play the piano and the guitar. I am a hopeless romantic even though I am definitely lacking some romance right now. My nickname is Kk (hint the screen name). If you read my stories I am open to feed back. If there is something you might like to happen comment because I even get a little brain blocked. In my stories your point of view could differ. I can be really random and crazy at times so that could be expressed in my stories so be prepared. Soooo... here is other stuff about me.

My favorite saying:

Your imperfections are what make you perfect...

My favorite sport:

Football (sad the seasons over but basketball here I come) I am also a little bit of a sports junky... hehe ...

My Favorite Season:

Summer, I love the sun and summer vacation. My birthday is also in the summer. I live in Texas so I do spend plenty of time in the pool.

My Favorite Drink:

Lemonade, I could live off the stuff. I swear my life motto is lemonade makes the world go round.

That's a little about me who knows I could add more. Enjoy. :)

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