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Profile updates...well, here we go.

One Winged A2 here, and ready to kick ass. For those who are taking the time to read this, welcome to my profile. To those swearing angrily and hitting the Refresh button, see ya.

I'm twenty four years old, working full time, and about to be moving soon. I'm male; don't let the username fool you. I hear enough about that on Xbox.

I'm the Anti-Hero; alone, broody, and so ridiculously cool it hurts...

Infinite and mystery is the gift of the goddess

We seek it thus and take to the sky

Ripples form on the water's surface

The wandering soul knows no rest

-Loveless, Act 1 (Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core)

My current profile picture is myself.

Xbox Gamertag: Classiest

Due to crippling depression, I have taken a massive break from writing in order to get a hold on my life. I don't claim to be perfect. Hell, none of us are. I think that I have some talent for writing fanfiction (which is what most of my work is. Hell, I started a trend in the Halo/RvB crossover section in regards to the 'Noble Six is a Freelancer' fanfics), but the one thing I'll never claim to be is perfect in any shape or form. I have been battling my own demons for some time now, and it's part of the reason why I decided to get back into writing original fiction.

In my reviews, I will always give my honest opinion with the story. You will never see me curse in reviews, and I always log in. So if you get a review from someone labeled as a guest trying to be me and telling you that your story sucks, please know that it was nothing more than a sad troll with too much time on their hands. The lone exception to this is I review on my phone, and sometimes it cuts me off halfway through the review. In that case, I'll try and continue from where I was cut off. Whenever I review, I'll point out things I like and the stuff that could be better. Honesty is the key, folks. I'll always sign a review off, and I am open to PMs if you have questions.

I am not a part of any forum, nor do I claim to be an admin for the site. I'm just an avid reader and writer who truly wishes for everyone on the site to fulfill their dreams of being an amazing author. I have writing to thank for possibly saving my life when I first started, over five years ago, and take tremendous joy in it.

I've come across those people who really can't handle criticism at all, and all I have to really say is this: if you can't take criticism, then why are you bothering to post your work here? The review button is not meant for just flattery or praise; I see it as a tool for us fellow writers to both grow and improve. I'm a very gentle critic as well; I never say things like 'Your story sucks!' or 'Can I get a refund for reading this trash?'. I want to help as much as possible, but this is a two-way street; I like getting praised for my work as much as the next person, but those reviews who point out what's wrong and offer solutions to fix it or make it better are the ones that make my day as it helps me grow as a writer and as a person.

If you are going to throw a temper tantrum because I gave you a honest review and send me a message with nothing but horribly spewed insults in butchered English, don't think you're going to stop me from giving out proper reviews. If anything, you'll only motivate me to continue what I'm doing, and that is helping out fellow writers here. I'm a relatively patient and understanding person, but do not test me. I can be pretty brutal when I want to be, and my snarky remarks have won me quite a few battles with those who see me as the devil.

And if for some reason you think getting your 'friends' to send me PMs putting me in my place is going to work, think again dear. They'll be thoroughly reprimanded for murdering the language and scamper away with their tails between their legs. And better yet, I'll do it without resorting to swearing up a storm. Please show some maturity and learn to accept concrit like a big girl/boy.

But, if you prove you are mature and are open to help with your work, I'll be more than happy to offer a hand. I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who aren't afraid to ask for help.

Now you'll probably asking, "Why are you bothering? This site is pretty dead when it comes to reviewing." That is true. That is also the same reason why I review. Too many times I find an absolutely amazing story here without a single review on it (or maybe one or two guest reviews that aren't able to be responded to). My hope is that the authors who do receive a review from me see that I took the time out to actually care about their story and they can continue on the trend. Even if it's something like, "Wow, this is nice!", that can do wonders for a writer's confidence here.

I am very passionate about music, and I listen to a wide variety of genres. Currently my favorite group to listen to is Hollywood Undead.

If you are big fanfiction fans, look me up on Fanfiction.net. I use the same username on that site as well :)

What I'll be writing...*sigh*. I love fluffy romances and funny stories as much as the next person, but my guilty pleasure in writing is the darker stuff. I love pain and angst, and if you happen to look at the story ideas that I have for the future, you can see that. Self harm stories have always gotten my attention, because I know how it feels. For people with depression, you're not alone. I used to be like that during high school, and know how much it hurts.

I have a habit of writing random little one-shots in between working on my full length stories, and mostly they are written either to vent or just something to help me lose writer's block. I know this sounds really emo, but I doubt I'll be writing a short fluff one-shot; nearly everything contains some sort of angst. It just comes naturally to me, I guess.

I'll be making a few dabbles into poetry, but not often as it is not something I have experience with. All poems are property of myself. If you want to use a part of one for your story, please ask me for permission first. Nine times out of ten, I'll be more than happy to oblige, as long as you credit the source.

Here are some of the story ideas that are floating around in my head. Feel free to message me about them, and I'll try and get back to you as soon as I can. Please note that I will be cross-posting a lot of my work on AO3, particularly when we get to some more questionable scenes. *Cough* Smut *Cough*

None of my stories are related, unless I explicitly state so in the summary. I say this because I have a bit of a habit of reusing characters and it may cause confusion. If it says 'side-story', 'sequel', or 'prequel', then it is related to another one of my works. If not, then it's its own separate world.

Guilt: A 'Piece By Piece' side-story, where the protagonist experiences something that makes him filled with disgust for himself. Rated M for content, one-shot. (Note: originally was a chapter, but in the final draft it didn't feel like it was part of the story itself. Will be cross-posted on AO3)

Fragments: A femslash one-shot where the protagonist from Broken struggles with the horror and memories of the first story. Rated M for self harm and attempted suicide.

Hated: A very dark story replete with self-harm, attempted suicide, drug abuse, and themes that may be disturbing to some. Femslash, rated M for content.

Experimenting: A funny femslash one-shot. Will be cross-posted on AO3.

Contact: A short story, maybe only three chapters, about a man who lost his best friend in war.

Ghosts That Linger: The sequel to Hated. With the protagonist suffering from several issues of PTSD, you can imagine why this is going to be rated M. The dark elements from Hated will carry over to the sequel (especially the self-harm and drug abuse)

Our Hearts of Ruin: A long romance that was actually a request from a great personal friend of mine. Does contain femslash and incestual content (Not my cup of tea personally, nor do I condone it. But a writer has to expand beyond their comfort zone), rated M for sexual content, language, and some darker elements like character torture/death and self-harm.

Glaciers: A story about a young man who has a frozen heart due to the loss of his girlfriend in a horrific accident, and his road to ruin. Rated M for drug usage, sexual content, language, and some moments of torture.

Bonkers: A short one-shot of a girls' night gone wild. Rated T for language, based off of a scene from the movie Kingsman.

Bittersweet Symphony: An idea I had where someone has to say goodbye to their lover. May or may not be slash/femslash. I don't know at the moment.

Completed stories

Broken (one-shot): Rated M for dark themes, femslash.

Depart From Me (one-shot): Rated T for angsty themes. Written to vent.

I Never Knew You (one-shot): Rated M for implied sex. Angsty themes, written to vent.

Free (one-shot): Rated T for implied addiction, written to vent.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand (one-shot): Rated T for minor drug usage.

Superstar (Poem): Just something I wrote when asked about why I do the things I do.

Her Name Is No One (one-shot): Just something written to vent. Rated for implied alcohol abuse.

Undead (one-shot): An attempt at a supernatural story. Rated T for angsty themes

Happiness's Warm Gun (one-shot): Rated M for drug usage.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps (one-shot): My first attempt at slash fiction, and fits my line of work in the sense of slightly angsty themes.

Massage (two-shot): Rated M for content, femslash.

Imprisoned (one-shot): Rated M for dark themes.

Loveless (one-shot): Rated for self harm. Written to vent.

Sleeves (one-shot): Rated for self harm. Written to vent.

The Diary (one-shot): Rated for suicide

Stories in progress

Piece by Piece: A longer chapter story where our protagonist struggles with the loss of his wife, and seeks to find comfort in a new face that becomes more than a friend to him. Starts out rated T, gets bumped up to M later for content.

Red with Lust: A femslash story, maybe only five chapters. Rated M for mature, and something a little less angsty than my normal work.

Black Dahlia: My first real attempt at a horror novel for this year's NaNoWriMo. Expect frequent updates and is rated M due to the graphic nature of the work.

That's all I have for now. If you're interested in wanting to keep up with my writing, I'm on discord at Classiest#8332 or you can just shoot me a message here. I'm always open to PMs. Until next time,

-One Winged A2 signing off

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