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Hello, my name is Jasmine. I have been writing for around 4 years now, and with the help of my amazing beta AirPowerST and some amazing friends, have actually started to become fairly decent. I always appreciate any help I can get, so please review or PM me with any tips or advice. I love playing on my Xbox/PS4, drinking coffee (mainly from Tim Hortons [it's a Canadian thing]), driving my car, and I always have music playing if I can. My friends and family are the most important things in the world, you mess with them, you mess with me. the biggest thing you should know about me is that, while I always aspire to be nice to everyone, I will never back down from a fight, and i will not say sorry if you are in the wrong. However, if i was the one that did something wrong you can be damn sure i will apologize, probably more than once.

In the time I'm not writing, I work as an apprentice mechanic/service writer. While writing my own stories, i'm currently working on several collaborations with other writers, and enjoy beta reading as often as i can. (I am currently beta reading for 2 or 3 stories). If you are in need of a beta reader/editor, I'm always accepting applications (and no, i don't charge.).

Age: 24

Country: Canada

Province: Alberta

Favorite books: Study Series, M.I.L.A.2.0 series, various others

Favorite movies: The Fast and The Furious, Lord of the Rings, Marvel series, etc.

Favorite TV shows: Arrow, Super girl, Breaking in, Chuck, Lie to me, Supernatural, etc.

Favorite Music: EVERYTHING!!! It mostly depends on my mood, my favorites change by the week. (except heavy metal)

Current Favorite Music: Nightcore. Song: Kids again by NightcoreGalaxy

Favorite Games: Mass Effect of course, Destiny, Horizon Zero Dawn, Halo, Crisis, Call of Duty, Dragon Age, BattleField, etc

mass effect: At Realms End progress update: New story in progress under same name. I plan on publishing it once i have a few chapters written and edited. Though i may end up posting chapter 1 to see what kind of responses I get.

joint mass effect story: alongside the writers Kayla and Scottie, I am working hard on a new self insert story which will be posted on an account specific for the group. (I'll let you know what it is as soon as we decide ourselves.) do not worry, it won't replace 'Realms end' in any way as the plot is very different.

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