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Hello, I'm Remy,
I'm 16. And a Virgo.

I love to. write. As much as I can't possibly get meself another hobby. It's just the thrill of losing yourself in the realm of words.

I shifted the story 'The Gateway' to Wattpad under the same username. So, if any of you should like to check it , do. :)

My Likes:

This will be random. You're welcome to leave.

1) Hawaiian Pizza (Mostly Cuz all my siblings hate it and I her the bigger share. Thumbs up to pineapples)

2) Jack Sparrow.

3) Agatha Christie.

4) Cats (You have been warned, I could be that neibour lady who owns a dozen cats and steals your shoelaces)

5) The color Blue.

6) Babytv channel. (Yeah, I know. My sisters tell me all the time. But, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do)

7) Coraline.

8) Pocket Princesses.

My Dislikes:

1) Harry Potter. Yeah, I hate it actually. But believe me, I'm not the first.

2) Earrings that I lose after an hour of putting on.

3) The reality that I can't eat a whole pool full of chocolate delights.

With that, I bid you buh-bye.

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