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Hey, I'm GoneIntoTheErie. I have a another account, by the same name, on FanFiction.

It only has Hetalia storys.

If you want, you can check it out.

I am working on three storys.
  1. Abnormal
  2. The World According to Steve
  3. Crossing The Line

Story Summerys...

The World According to Steve-

A man named Steve and a woman named Brenda get married. But what happens when Brenda does't know is that Steve is a Narcissist. How long will it take for the marrage to crumble? Brenda has to either put up with him or leave. - This is a True story. Brenda is my grandma. They have been together for five years now.


What happens in a world where nothing is what it seems. For one girl it's normal to get letters from ghosts and to get advice from vampires. - I am going to make this into a book to sell.

Crossing The Line-

Summary Soon to Come.

I have a deviantart and I might upload some The World According to Steve and Abnormal comics onto it. Maybe.

Also Check out...

My FanFiction: Link

My DeviantArt: Link

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