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Hi, welcome to my bare profile. I wanted to be Cheese and Crackers but the name was already taken. Cause sometimes the things I write are cheesy and I'm a little crackers. So I'm cheddar and graham... which would probably not taste very good if we ate them together?

I put up a story (You're the sick one)! I hope it amuses you. Mostly I update on weekends. No fixed schedule right now. You see, I'm being held captive by this evil wizard who hates amateur writers... yeah, nice try right?

Anyway, er... patchy updating... short chapters... (I'm not doing very well promoting myself, am I?) So if --and I'm thinking this is most likely because of the influence of some strange otherworldly alignment of the stars and planets -- if you actually like my scribbling, you could click that 'follow' button' (just suggesting, please don't slap me for that outrageous idea!).

Thank you for visiting. Have a cookie. Or some cheese... Cheddar's nice, I think. But not with graham crackers.

Update: I put up another story! It has an older pervy guy, a cutie who's so innocent you want to do wicked things to him just because of that, and another guy with moves so slick he never needs to buy lube. Oh darn, there I go giving away things... You probably don't want to read it now.

Oh no, wait, I mean, please read my story if you don't mind smutty dub-con. Otherwise, I'm so very sorry for taking up three whole seconds of your precious time. *Bows very low, noticing in the process that it's high time for a pedi*

What's new with me: I wrote another story (Seriously?)! An itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny one, full of yummy graham cracker goooodness! Keeps you regular. Yeah, baby...

And there are some side projects like 'If broken...' But this one's different. Very different. As different as... well, chalk and cheese! Um, maybe you should just read it, I guess?... And oh yeah, there's Nothing More Nothing Less which has been up for some time - I think I may have sleep-written it? Cause it sounds nothing like the other pieces on here...

Cream cheese and graham crackers! I finally worked it out.

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