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Daniel Kozaki PM
Joined Apr '14

Looking for readers and recommends, friends and comments.

At least, please enjoy my works. You won't know much about me if you don't. Then we can talk. ;)

A proud member of the forum RPG, Anime, Own Stories Reborn, for all things manga and anime, in a classy way: https://www.fictionpress.com/forum/Rpg-Anime-Own-Stories-Reborn-RAOSR/16592/

I also roam on Wattpad under the name DanielKozaki.

Oh, and if you see someone named The Koizaki in FP, that'd probably be me.

So far, for my best pal award, that would be RTK-san. He's a little bit shy though. ;)

Current works:

How to Kill a Phoenix: My favored project at the moment. Might end up being a 2-book saga.

Anesthesia: A nice story I wrote a while back, incomplete. Am thinking of continuing it later, probably ending up being a 2-book saga.

Burn in Violet: Also a nice story, but I fell into a plot hole and had to revise the storyline, so maybe... one day.

Six Thorns in Sanity and a Rose: A collection of short stories. One is up, another one is on the way. Yet... I can't think up fitting stories for four more slots. O_o

The Girl Who Forgot that She Destroyed Worlds - Unedited. Lulz bipolar writing, from a long time ago. That's why you don't pants your way in vomiting out a story, kids! Still, it looks very fixable. I'll probably rewrite it into... yes, you got it, a 2-book saga.

Criticism and review policy: I don't think I'll review more than how much you do on my story - based on read wordcount. Unless your story is way better than I expected (plus if you're lucky that I have more free time than I thought).

If you got me, don't push your luck wanting me to tell you only the good things about your story. And don't be surprised if you'll get more than reviews. I might stalk you. I might dissect your work in your face with a blunt scalpel. I might burn it and forcefeed the ashes to Cthulhu. I might give it bad publicity if you're one of those people who couldn't take legit criticism. If you're gonna make me talk about your story, unless your story is way up the Sturgeon's Law spectrum, it's likelier that I'll speak more lengthily about your story's flaws than what you did right because I'm not here to dish out praise, I'm here to watch you grow. I might not give a review on every chapter; I'm not inflating a story's review count when I think it's actually not really the kind of story that deserves that much reviewing. I might post in the forums about your story, and it's not gonna be all flowers and rainbows either.

But I'm pretty lenient and forgiving with people who legit wants to learn and improve even if it means breaking their personal style, or ditching a version of their story that they've been so personally attached to.

I'm not the best adviser. I'm not the best writer here either, far from it, I'm very okay with people pointing out my flaws; I have a million. Just don't be a jerk about it.

Other than that I'm nicer than how I sound here, as my friends might have known. Just don't push it. ;)

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