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Hey doods! Sketchy here. So I know it's been 5ever since I actually used this account but I can't really help it, all the original things I've been writing are either really long and I don't want to share them yet or just small pieces like a paragraph or two.

I have a forum thread for prompts, challenges, and competitions. Feel free to join The Cafe.

Other places to find me:

Instagram: sketchy_d00d

Spotify: sketchy-d00d

Fanfiction.net: Sketchy-d00d

Tumblr: sketchy-d00d

Twitter: sketchy_d00d

Toyhouse: sketchy-d00d

Original Works

M.A.G.E.: A magic school story. Plot still a work in progress.

Vampire's Calling: A one off story following the son of a monster hunter who gets turned into a vampire and is threatened forcing him to run away. He's found in the forest by an eccentric werewolf who takes him in and helps him along his journey.

The Metal Dragon (series): A steampunk universe that follows the last necromancer and his friends on a journey. Plot still a work in progress.

Faeveren (trilogy): A fantasy adventure following a half elf, half dwarf princess who has to save her world from demons from another dimension.

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